SSC, HSC Certificate Information Change or Correction Process in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, if you need to change or correct information on your Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) certificate, you can follow the process outlined by the respective education boards.

The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) are one of the most important education documents and certifications for any Bangladeshi student. But what if there are mistakes in the final certificate? There’s nothing to worry about as students or their guardians can easily correct the information. Here’s how to change or correct information in SSC and/or HSC certificates.

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Changing/ Correcting Information in SSC and HSC Certificate

Previously, the process of changing the certificate was completely offline. It was a lengthy and cumbersome process. However, the ministry of education has removed the total offline correction system and introduced a hybrid mechanism.

In the hybrid mechanism, the application for the correction is done online with certificate collection and payment requiring physical visits. The steps of correction are more or less the same for each board. So students or guardians can follow the steps regardless of their board location.

One thing to note here is that if the student is below 18, every legal procedure mentioned in this article will have to be done by the father or a legal guardian. In case the student is over 18, he/she can do it themselves.

Also, the application for changing names and the application to change the date of birth has to be done separately.


Step by Step Guide for Changing Information in SSC or HSC Certificate

Step 1: Getting an Affidavit/Notarized

The first step starts with getting an affidavit. An affidavit is a document that outlines the intention to change the information in the SSC or HSC certification which is then notarized by an Advocate or a first-class magistrate. After getting the affidavit, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Publishing a Classified Advertisement

The affidavit needs to be published in a daily newspaper as a classified advertisement. Here the student will detail all their information including that of father, mother, DOB, registration, and roll number of the respective examination.

Previously, the process of publishing classified ads was difficult. Now anyone can publish a classified ad easily online.

Step 3: Online Application

Before starting the online application, the students will need to scan several documents. This includes the original certificates, their DOB, the NID card of the parents, the affidavit as well as a paper cutting of the advertisement. Got them? Now let’s get started with the application.

Let us consider the student is from the Dhaka board. In that case, first head over to the Dhaka Board web portal. From there, locate the online application section.

In the online application section, there should be another sub-section called application for correcting name and date of birth. Click on it.

Step 4: Filling Out the Form

The next window from the application page will be a login section. Here the students will have to log in using their registration and roll number from any of the JSC, SSC, or HSC.

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After that, students will be asked to select which certificate they want to correct. If it’s just SSC, put a tick mark there. If it’s SSC and HSC both, then put tick marks on both.

After that, carefully fill out all the necessary information. All of this information needs to be accurate as it will be cross-checked.

After filling out the information, there will be an upload section for the scanned document.  Upload each of the above-mentioned scanned documents in their respective boxes. After that click on submit.

Step 5: Payment of the Correction Fee

Successful completion of step 4 will result in the student getting a confirmation SMS in their registered number. The SMS will also include bank slip information. Using the slip information, the student or the guard will have to deposit TK558 for each certificate through Sonali bank. The recipient details will be outlined in the SMS slip. After that, collect the slip and safely store it as it will be required later.

Step 6: Confirmation of Correction

After the successful deposition of the payment, the students or the guardian will receive another SMS in their registered number in 3-4 working days. This SMS will contain a new username and password to check the status of their application.

Users will have to visit the Last Update section and log in with the new credentials. The subsequent dashboard will show the status of the application. It generally takes about 30 to 90 days for the correction to take effect.

Once the correction is completed, another SMS will be sent to the registered number for the corrected information verification.

Step 7: Application for the Original Physical Copy

Students will have to fill out another application form for the physical copy of the new certificate. The application can be accessed through the Online Application Section of the Dhaka Board web portal. After correctly filling out the application, students will be provided with another payment slip from the portal.

Step 8: Payment for the Physical Copy

The process is exactly similar to Step 5. Students will have to deposit another 558 BDT for each certificate through Sonali Bank and store the slip.

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Step 9: Confirmation from Board

Students should receive an SMS confirming the physical copy collection date after a week of the final payment. Before going to collect, students will have to take the existing original certificate and download the payment confirmation receipt while also keeping the deposit receipt. Students will also need the attested copy of their parent’s NID card.

Step 10: Collection of Certificate

The board will check the slips for payment confirmation and keep the existing certificate. In exchange, the students will be provided with a new certificate with corrected information.

Changing Date of Birth in SSC and HSC Certificate

The process of changing DOB is exactly similar to the process mentioned above. The students will have to make a separate application, that’s all.

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To know more about the correcting process, check out the Official Manual from the education board.

Final Words

SSC and HSC certificates are often used as a reference for higher education and jobs. As a result, it becomes highly important to ensure that all information printed on the certificate is correct. The process of changing/correcting information in SSC and HSC certificates is now easier than ever thanks to the hybrid system. Anyone can now easily change their faulty certificates and renew a new one with just a few clicks and some supporting legal documents.


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