Effective Methods of Memorizing Vocabulary

Vocabulary refers to the set of words and phrases that an individual knows and understands. It includes words and expressions that are commonly used in a language, including both spoken and written forms. A person’s vocabulary can vary in size and complexity depending on their language abilities, education level, and exposure to different types of language.


The fundamental problem of memorizing vocabulary is that we cannot
remember them at all at the time of writing and speaking. As to make a sentence,
words are necessary that is why everyone has to memorize vocabulary to be good
at English. So after solving this major issue not only students but also all classes
of people can memorize vocabulary easily and use them to enrich their skills in
writing and speaking. I found some effective methods for this issue and have
shown that in this article.

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Vocabulary is the main tool to make a standard sentence in Language. So if you want to make sentences then you must memorize vocabulary first but it is not easy to memorize properly. This is the main problem that is faced by all students across the world, especially non-native speakers.

As we know that English is an international language and out of the world’s approximately 7.8 billion inhabitants, 1.35 billion speak English. The majority aren’t native English speakers, however. About 360 million people speak English as their first language. In the job markets both nationally and internationally, those who are good at English, get the most priority and opportunities and get a handsome salary.

And if someone is good at English they can get vast opportunities to learn new things across the world as most of the books are written in English. There are lots of advantages to learning the English language. So these are the reasons you should learn English. In this case, to learn English you must memorize vocabulary because this is the main tool. By solving this momentous but common problem we can enrich our knowledge and students can get good marks on their exams and can communicate with international teachers or researchers; job seekers can
get their dream jobs, become a leader as well as can work in international job markets.

There are many ways to memorize many researchers and teachers invented a technique called “Mnemonic”. Mnemonic is a method such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something. I think my methods or techniques are much more effective than this one because where you cannot remember a single word let alone a sentence. So memorizing vocabulary is different because it is used every day whenever we speak and write. So you must bear in mind well so that you can use them where it is needed. For this serious issue, I have found effective solutions that will be discussed below. I am mentioning some real surveys about this issue.

“Hello my friend, I have a momentous problem with learning vocabulary. I read and try to memorize but I cannot remember them at all when I attempt to speak in front of people and at time writing also. Sometimes I want to upload a photo with a nice caption on Social Media, but I get stuck; no words come to my mind,” said Babilion Chakma, a university student in Bangladesh.

Like Babilon, there are more students from school, college, and university, teachers and a software engineer named Salman Shahriyar I met have disclosed their weakness in memorizing vocabulary. They said, ―Damn, we read and try to get by heart words but cannot remember them or use them while speaking and writing.‖ So after hearing this kind of observation I thought that I need to find some effective solutions for this issue. Anyways, have you ever thought about the human brain‘s memory capacity? Let‘s take a look at this topic.

What is the Memory Capacity of a Human Brain?

The human brain‘s memory capacity in the average adult can store trillions of bytes of information. In a Stanford Study, it was reported that the cerebral cortex alone has 125 trillion synapses. In another study, it was reported that 1 synapse can store 4.7 bits of information. Neurons are the cells that process and transmit messages within the brain, and synapses are the bridges between neurons that carry the transmitted messages. Running the numbers – 125 trillion synapses –
4.7 bits/synapse, and about 1 trillion bytes equaling 1 TB (Terabyte).


This storage capacity is an amount of over 74 Terabytes (just in the cerebral cortex alone) If you have a fairly new computer, tablet, or smartphone, you understand the phrase ―megabytes‖ and ―gigabytes‖, this knowledge might help put your brain‘s immense information storage capacity into perspective.
Early-generation personal computers had – at best – a few megabytes of hard-drive information storage capability. That‘s a few million pieces of digital memory – seemingly a lot at the time, but small by today‘s standards.

For instance, it is not uncommon for today‘s smartphones to have ―gigabytes‖ (16GB, 64GB, 128GB) of memory capacity or more. To put this in perspective, the computer onboard the first Apollo spacecraft that landed on the moon had an operating system with just 64 kilobytes (64 KB) of memory storage capability. The
computer in that example could handle just over 64 thousand bytes, which is just over 64 thousand characters of information. Today, most digital toasters have more computing power than Apollo 11 had, and your average smartphone is light-years ahead of the computer that guided and controlled that spaceship.


Bringing this back to the human brain, according to a 2010 article in Scientific American, the memory capacity of the human brain was reported to have the equivalent of 2.5 petabytes of memory capacity. As a number, a ―petabyte‖ means 1024 terabytes or a million gigabytes, so the average adult human brain can store the equivalent of 2.5 million gigabytes of digital memory. To put that in perspective, according to Computerworld, Yahoo – the Internet giant – has
created a specially-built 2.0-petabyte ―data warehouse‖.


Yahoo uses the immense information storage capacity of this data warehouse to analyze the behavior of its half a-billion monthly visitors. ―It is not only the world‘s single-largest database but also the busiest‖, the magazine reported. By comparison, the IRS‘s massive data warehouse, which keeps track of 300-plus million Americans and many more million businesses, has the capacity of 150 terabytes of memory. Yet Yahoo‘s 2.0-petabyte computational center, which can process 24 billion ―events‖ a day, is a full 20 percent smaller than the capacity of a single human brain.


The human brain is indeed a marvel, with more capabilities than most of us can imagine. As more studies are coming out – it is only a matter of time until we truly find out how much the human brain can store. The human brain and nervous system are prone to the same kinds of problems as any other part of our bodies, and we at CNS are here to help people manage – or return – their brain and nervous system to peak operational ability. Now let‘s talk about the most exciting part which is effective methods of memorizing vocabulary.



Are you physically and mentally fit enough to learn or memorize anything? Yes, this is the most crucial question. You know to learn something new, your brain capacity should be healthy otherwise you cannot memorize anything and cannot keep them in your mind for a long time. For example, if your smartphone‘s battery capacity is down then it cannot operate or keep on your phone.

So the foremost thing is you must be healthy physically and mentally. If you are fit then you can go for the next steps. So how can you memorize vocabulary? Well, let‘s see the methods.

1. One of the most effective and proven methods is you have to wake up very early in the morning around 5.00 am (This is the perfect time because at this time your mind and brain remain fresh. If you want you can choose any time. You can also start after praying your Fajr Salat who are Muslims). After being fresh, you have to begin studying and choose a good dictionary or a book of vocabulary. After that, start memorizing 10 words for 20 minutes and make sure your full concentration on it. Now take 5 minutes break and collect a pen and a

Then write them on paper correctly. Thus you can learn the spelling of them. Later, for the next 20 minutes memorize 10 or 5 words and write them on paper. After that, you must revise all the vocabularies that you learned within 1 hour at the same time. Please do not worry if you make any mistakes; it is a part of learning.

2. On the second day, open your dictionary and revise the vocabularies you learned yesterday and keep doing the same process to memorize the next words. Bear in mind one thing you must read the previous vocabulary before starting new words.

3. Always try to use your memorized vocabulary in your daily life otherwise you cannot remember them properly. You can practice speaking and writing with your newly memorized words by talking to your friends or yourself and writing them on social media like photo captions, feelings, stories, or recent topics. You have to do this regularly and must use the vocabularies that you learned today.


4. One more effective technique is, which word you want to put in your brain, pronounce that word loudly by hearing yourself. For example, you are going to memorize the word “Crestfallen” so to memorize this word say ―Crestfallen, Crestfallen, Crestfallen meaning মনমরা. Then write the word on the paper many times ―Crestfallen, Crestfallen, Crestfallen‖ meaning মনমরা বা ননরানন্দ.
This is how you can also memorize vocabulary and keep them in your mind for a long time.


5. Last but not least Practice. Share your knowledge, ideas, thoughts, and what you learned actually in your life with others; you can share it on your website by writing articles. In case of learning vocabulary, you must keep them in your mind to use it on your exam paper. So keep learning and trying to use your words regularly.


These are the proven methods to memorize vocabulary. If you can follow these rules and techniques then definitely you will be able to learn words and keep them in your mind.


To get good marks in the exam, you must submit a good script of the answers; to
submit a good script your writing must be accurate and standard. So for writing, you must use good words that you have to memorize well. Memorizing vocabulary is very important. I have discussed some proven effective methods in this article so that you can overcome the problem.

These rules are applied to students and all classes of people who want to overcome the issue and finally, they got the results. So keep learning and practicing by following these methods, and you will be a master of vocabulary.


“মনমরা, ননরানন্দ” These two words have taken from the Bengali Language.


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