Short story : A Fanciful Love by Kawsar Ahamed

A Fanciful Love

A new born baby, who was crying, lying down beside his mother, at a hospital. By giving birth to her baby, the lady wasn‘t gladsome at all-; because the father of her baby wasn‘t present there in time.
Let‘s move back a couple years ago, the story started with a relationship, which was one sided love. In this relation, the boy who loved his beloved unconditionally.

Besides, the boy was completely crazy for getting her consent to love him, he couldn‘t think for a moment except his beloved, he had a lot of privileges to fall in love with others-; and the boy dreamt her every single moment of his life. He seemed love is blind. It has no criteria to measure how much he loves his beloved.
It’s a one kind of peculiar relationship. Actually, the lady, along with her family members, seemed that the boy wasn’t qualified for her at all because he was below the average income people, didn’t look handsome, had no rich family background as well. On the other hand, the lady was so beautiful, had a high profile with good educational qualifications; her family background was so much higher too. But truth be told-, the boy loved her from his heart. On the contrary, the girl didn‘t like him and even blocked him from social media, which was the only medium to connect her.

Falling in love with the lady, the boy totally became a fanciful guy; he didn’t imagine for a second without her. He made stories then visualized that and got pleasures. The boy imagined her at the time of eating, sleeping, reading, playing, doing work and serious situations as well. In one word, he became mad for her love; but his craziness didn’t appear in front of people – only he could apprehend the fact.
Even a single day hadn’t gone well, except seeing her pictures on social media, he created many bogus accounts to see her. On the other hand, the girl always loathed him. He talked to her twice through messenger, and sometimes over telephone. The girl told him that she was bothered by his activities and also told him that if he loved her really he shouldn’t do this. And at the last moment, she accused him of the CID cyber branch. Consequently, an officer was attempting to
convince him over the telephone to stop bothering her.

What did the boy do then? Let’s see – he knocked her relatives, friends and her own brother too, to know more information about his beloved and wrote confessions as to her in her university’s confession page; informed her parents if he seemed someone is her boyfriend; though she was not in a relationship. The boy did this sort of job because he imagined her activities, and got temporary pleasures. And ultimately, he was almost able to know all the information about his beloved.
A couple of months later, an incredible case occurred with her beloved, for that she became hospitalized with a serious problem. But the irony of the fact that the way of cure consisted in that boy’s blood. The girl’s family as well as doctors didn’t figure out anyone else except the father of that baby. Then her family, who also disdained him, and requested him to assist them and come to the life of their only daughter. But the boy didn’t comply with their proposal because if he donates his blood he had to get married to her; otherwise she cannot become a
mother in future.

What do you seem right now why the boy said this kind of word? After a couple of days, he dociled to cooperate with her just because of his parents, though he loved her very much rather than himself. After that, the girl also started to love him and at last they got married. Although the boy couldn’t love her in the previous way, because he was humiliated, which made him unkind. For this, they didn’t cohabitation at the first night; though the lady fell in love with him seriously day by day.

Few months later of their married life, the girl became pregnant by blood not with sperms, which was very appealing news to the boy. But except the boy, everyone knew the fact earlier, that’s why both family members were very happy to get new members. And a couple days later, she gave birth to the baby as mentioned above. The lady gave birth to a boy, who resembled his father; but the husband of the lady couldn’t obey the matter, though he met them finally at hospital. But his suspicious mind couldn’t believe anyhow, that’s why one day he decided to go
to the hospital for a DNA test of his newborn baby. Although that’s not fair actually.
One day he realized everything and understood the fact – accepted his baby; started loving his beloved; began a new life with a happy family forever.
Ultimately, he learnt – true love never dies, life is beautiful if you can make it beautify, every relationship is transactional by some things. And last but not least don’t be arrogant, don’t stop loving your beloved until death.
At 6.00 am, when he woke up from the bed, he could apprehend that he was not in reality. It’s a dream of his crush.


Published on : Literary Horizon – An International Peer-Reviewed English Journal

Vol. 1, Issue 1     




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